The Objectives behind #I_MAKE_AI

With the help of your short video clip, pupils should get a variety of impressions of who is working on or with artificial intelligence and how and where. We want to demystify the mystical black box of ‘AI’ and make the people behind it visible.

Help us to show how diverse the field of AI is. We hope that not only computer scientists will contribute videos to #I_make_AI, but also all other professional groups that use or co-develop artificial intelligence.

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Who supports #I_MAKE_AI

Three reasons for #I_MAKE_AI

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Career guidance in the field of AI, which has an increased need for young talent due to accelerated development, must be expanded promptly and innovatively. Teachers often don't have the insight to be able to provide adequate counselling in this occupational field.


The ecosystem of AI is usually not very tangible or visible. The sheer number and diversity of companies active in this sector or at least working with AI is hidden from the public by the mainly inconspicuous office buildings.


In order to create acceptance and trust in the technology, it should be made clear that the foundations of development are laid by people from the centre of our cities.

You want to participate?

Post a video on YouTube and other platforms on one of the following questions:

Which activity takes up most of your working time / How much coding do you do?


Does your current job have anything to do with your original studies/professional training?


What do you enjoy most about your job?


What is your favourite AI project at work or at home?


What professions make up the team you work in?


Are there free drinks or dress codes?
Wow much can you work remotely?

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Please consider the following in your video:


At the beginning of the video, please hold a printout of the starting image with the respective question number in your hand.

You'd like to answer more than one question? We'd be more than happy. Please record a separate video for each point.


State your name and also your employer. You can also write this on the start image.

Feel free to nominate other people for new clips at the end of your video.


The videos should aim for a length of 30 to 60 seconds. If you want more time: Record a short teaser and another longer video.

Upload the video to YouTube and send us its URL using the contact form. You don't want to upload it yourself, you want us to do it for you: please contact us using the form.

Don't invest too much time in the professional design. Your authentic insights should take centre stage.

How will the videos from #I_MAKE_AI be used?

The AI-Cluster of MINT-EC will draw the attention of the network of over 300 excellent STEAM schools to the hashtag. The videos are of course also available to other STEAM networks. As the videos are uploaded to freely available platforms – especially YouTube – they can also be accessed individually by both young people and adults. An edited selection of videos will be available on this website from summer 2024, providing a wide range of insights as part of a lesson.

Insights into #I_MAKE_AI

How can I contact the initiative?